Perfectly organized home office! How to do it?

Working in the comfort of home has many advantages, but it is not free from defects or at least some difficulties. Organise it in such a way that you can work as comfortably and efficiently as possible. It is not the size of the workplace that matters. If your home office is limited to a desk, which is also small, you do not have many possibilities of arrangement. All you have to do is organise your workspace in such a way that it provides you with as much comfort as possible!

How to organise a workplace at home?

The most important thing is to organize lockers for storing items - after all, they are the ones that introduce the biggest cravings! Storage organizers - on the wall or at the desk - are a cheap and very effective solution at the same time. What's important - most of these organizers can be done by yourselves! Workplace organisation is the main determinant of workplace productivity. How your desk looks like has a greater impact on your effectiveness than you might think. At home, unlike in the office, there are also more "distractors" that negatively affect the fulfilment of duties. The most important thing, therefore, is to organise the workplace in such a way as to ensure comfort and maximum focus on the activities performed. All the little things you need should be at hand, so that you don't have to look for them and disperse in this way. Store items you rarely use in lockable drawers or boxes. Desks in the home office (either in the living room or room corner) are usually small, so in order to keep them tidy and at the same time have easy access to the most necessary things, it is worth buying organizers.

Magnetic or cork board

Such a board, hung on the wall above the desk, will allow for a quick preview of the most important issues. All notes, but also photos or small office aids (clips, pins), you will be within sight and at your fingertips. You can buy the simplest corkboard in virtually any supermarket and paper shop.... Wall-mounted containers

If you have a free wall above your desk and are not afraid of a drill, think about attaching containers of different sizes to it. This will make it easy to maintain order, provide an aesthetically pleasing working corner, as well as easy access to the things you need.

Magnetic whiteboards

How containers will look like depends only on your taste and preferences. You can make them yourself, buy finished decorative containers or use tea cans, for example. Everything is allowed - as long as it fits into your concept and fits into the overall interior design.

Organizer on the wall

Another way to maintain order and easy access to the necessary details is a wall-mounted organizer. There are many types of accessories of this type, most often wall organizers have a simple form of metal mesh or a frame with cords stretched between its shoulders. Such an organizer is best suited as a place for important information or larger office accessories, such as scissors, punches or staplers. The grilles are also easy to install cups for pens or other office accessories.

Tapes and ribbons stretched on the wall

If you don't want to drill into walls, think of a less invasive solution in the form of flexible tapes. You can use them similarly to corkboards - hanging on them cards with information and reminders, photos, small items. You can use a suitable piece of recycled material for this purpose or buy ready-made, aesthetically finished tapes in haberdashery.

Wall shelves and fibreboards

Open shelves hung on the wall are also a perfect solution. Add compartments or boxes to them and everything will be at hand in perfect order!