What types of visitors are used in offices?

The form of presentation of a person or company is a business card. People who run an office should necessarily think of a business card holder; thanks to it, it will be possible to find a necessary contractor or service provider in no time at all. On the market you can choose between metal, leather and rotating business card holders. Let's check which of the types of visitors will work best in the office.

What type of business card holder is worth choosing?

We have certainly noticed that there are very different types of visitors on the market. The type chosen exceptionally often is the rotary business card holder. It allows you to segregate business cards in index cards marked with letters from A to Z. This way of organizing makes finding the business card you are looking for is banal and extremely fast. Undoubtedly, one of the advantages of revolving visitors is that they are also extremely spacious: they can easily hold up to 500 business cards. Placing them in this business card we can also be sure that none of the punishments will creep, get dirty or destroy. Additional protection of the contents of this type of business card holder will be provided by a plastic cover, which can be optionally equipped with. On a shelf or in a desk drawer a welded business card will work. It also makes it possible to maintain order in business cards with the fact that it is flat and more like a book.

Excellent protection of business cards is provided by a stiffened cover made with the utmost care. The book business card holders can also hold up to 500 cards. It is worth remembering, however, that the visitor will become thicker and thicker with each new card that will be inserted into it - it will start to lose its attractive appearance.


There are also business cards available on the market in the form of an album. Their attractiveness is enhanced by the index. This type of visitors is less elegant than those described above, but it is certainly very practical. For collecting business cards we can also use a plastic stand. Among the different types of visitors, this is the only one who must always stand on his desk. The last types of visitors we want to mention are pocket-sized, which we can always carry with us. These business cards can be plastic, made of metal or high quality natural leather.

When are business card holders necessary?

There are at least a few applications of visitors in the office. They can be one of the very useful accessories on the desk - thanks to them we have instant access to business cards of contractors and business partners. They are both practical and decorative gadgets. If you choose a business cardholder, for example a book one, you can find a place for him/her in the office library, you can also easily take him/her to a meeting. At meetings with potential customers, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, elegant pocket business card holders are perfect. It is a type of visitors, which works well for storing business cards of customers as well as their own. The business card can be purchased ready, but it is also possible to order made according to an individual project.