Best desk organizers - Part I

A desk organizer is more than just a container for the utensils you need. It is an element of interior design, but also a "companion" of everyday work, which can effectively organize and facilitate it. Here is the first portion of recommended organizers, which is worth seeing, choosing "the only one".

Liquid Station - a modern desk organizer

This is one of the elements of the Dream Tools office accessories collection, designed by Eugeni Quitllet. Thanks to them, work becomes simply more pleasant and the environment is intriguing and aesthetic. Liquid Station fits perfectly into modern rooms. Made of clear PMMA material, with rounded lines and recesses and geometric form, it fits perfectly into the assumptions of minimalism. Liquid Station organizer can appeal to every fan of ingenious and simple solutions. In addition to basic office accessories such as pens, cards and stapler, the organiser can also hold a mobile phone, notebook, keys. The whole collection is worth mentioning - apart from the desk organizer, it also includes a holder for adhesive tape, pen stand, alarm clock.

Brass desk organizer made of brass

Brass is a material that always looks beautiful, regardless of time and environment. This timeless desk organizer was made by Ferm Living brand. With its matte brass finish, this model can be used almost anywhere - from lofts, modern offices to homely, cosy desks. The unique, classic charm of this model makes it a perfect gift. What about functionality? The organizer consists of connected, cylindrical containers. Most stationery and other office accessories (such as scissors) can be successfully kept there, although there is no room for cards.

Order on the desk

Desktructure - playing with form

Available in three different versions. Its form is associated with the shapes of urban buildings, factory chimneys, houses, skyscrapers or ships. An additional advantage is that parts of the organizer can be moved freely, creating their own forms and breaking the old ones. Another issue is functionality. It can easily fit pens, clips, clips, clips or self-adhesive cards. The organizer was made of porcelain.

Zick Zack - the model created for pens

Very interesting proposal for people who like to play with the aesthetics of their immediate surroundings. The Zick Zack stand from Philippi can be freely rebuilt, even on a daily basis. The large number of compartments also allows you to sort the utensils according to your needs. The stand is made of nickel-plated steel, suitable for modern and simple interiors.

Volume 07 - pens and cards

The organizer consists of two parts - one for pens and other articles to write, the other for cards and business cards. This is an elegant and aesthetic office minimum. The organizer is made of light linden wood, as well as other elements of the Volume collection. This makes their design really timeless.