Creditworthiness - cash loan

A cash loan is a loan disbursed in full in cash, while creditworthiness is the ability of the borrower, i.e. the person applying for a loan, to repay the amount of the loan together with interest on specified payment dates.

How to calculate creditworthiness - cash credit

The easiest way? Definitely online! You will need information about it:

  • a specific repayment period (maximum 120 months in the case of a cash loan)
  • the choice of the interest rate to be paid
  • the choice of the type of instalments
  • limits on credit cards
  • the sum of instalments of other loans held and fixed charges, such as rent and bills
  • monthly household income
  • number of persons in the household.

Providing this information is necessary to obtain information on possible creditworthiness. After entering them into any calculator you will get the result of calculations - it will be the maximum amount of credit that banks will allow you to do.

Of course, you can also find out about your creditworthiness at a bank's branch - both a phone call and a personal visit will be appropriate.

Currently, the highest possible loan is 200 thousand zlotys net and is available in about 2-3 banks - in the remaining ones, the maximum amount of the loan is 150 thousand zlotys given "to hand".

Before checking the creditworthiness it is worth to verify the amount of potential liabilities visible in the BIK. Only some banks are ready to accept credit card arrears amounting to several hundred zlotys. Remember that the information about your credit history will be erased from the BIK only after 5 years - it is worth making sure that it is appropriate.

You will certainly not get a loan if you do not have documented sources of income. What's more, you should work properly to get a loan:

  • at least 6 months for a contract of indefinite duration
  • at least 3 months for a fixed-term contract
  • or be self-employed for a minimum of 12 months.