Order on your desk - how to put it in order once and for all?

Some say that the chaos around them and the clutter on their desks allow them to find themselves better and provide an ideal working environment. Unfortunately, most people function differently - in a cluttering environment they cannot concentrate, forget about important matters and waste time searching for missing details. How to organize the space on the desk and make sure that order prevails for longer?

First of all, not everything has to lie on the desk.

The first step to achieving a state of order is to get rid of unnecessary things from your desk. The stack of books to read is an effective distractor, and the third notebook is probably not used at all. Things that are not useful in everyday work are best hidden in a drawer or somewhere where they will not be noticeable.

Similar things may lie together

It is also worth thinking about grouping objects. Ready-made organizers - separate for pens, business cards, A4 size cards - are very helpful in this task. This allows you to quickly find the things you need.

Not only on the desk there is space to do the following

Not everything needs to be placed on the desk top. An empty wall above it is an ideal place for a board or an additional shelf, and under the desk you can set up an organizer or a box for documents, which are not the most needed.

Simple two-minute rule

The two-minute rule is very simple. Everything that takes less than two minutes, we do right away - especially putting things in their place, washing a cup of coffee or hiding a jacket in the wardrobe. Such a simple reflex saves a lot of time and keeps order permanently.

How to keep your desk tidy

Systematic, fast orderliness

It is also worthwhile to plan and implement everyday, small orders. We are talking about looking through your space, including your desk, throwing away unnecessary paper, not writing pens, washing the cup after the last coffee. Five minutes at the end of the working day will make your desk look wonderfully tidy and inviting to work the following morning.

Does clutter affect work and wellbeing?

The environment has a significant influence on the level of concentration, mood and productivity. The chaos around makes the thoughts "hook" on something else every now and then, making it impossible to concentrate on current duties for a longer time. Keeping it in order also contributes to lower energy consumption, even during operation. It is worth trying to see for yourself that it works. Keeping order on your desk, you no longer need to spend valuable minutes looking for a stapler, a clean sheet of paper, a highlighter writing.

Accessories for security guards

When planning radical tidiness on your desk, it's also worth thinking about buying a suitable organizer. The choice is really huge - from simple forms that will fit anywhere to design and highly individualised designs. The organizer should contain pens, several dozen A1 cards, clips, scissors, and keys. If there is no space for cards in the organizer, you can also invest separately in a tray or document box.