Investment bullion: gold, silver

Investment bullion - gold

Gold is ideal for storing value because it is light in relation to its price. Spending 100 thousand dollars on them gives you only 3 kg of bullion.

Investment bullion - silver

Silver is widely used in the economy. As much as 70% of purchased silver is used in industry. The rest is used for jewellery, coins and bars.

It turns out, therefore, that silver prices are a good illustration of the state of the world economy. As economies grow, the demand for silver, and thus its price, also increases. The price of gold, on the other hand, shows much better the state of global anxiety. When investors are afraid of the crisis, they look for rescue in gold.

The first step - the purchase of bullion

Of course, the investment should start with the purchase of bullion. There are many possibilities here. On the market there are available technical bullion and investment metals or various forms of collectors' items. Larger buyers always find themselves better on the market.

investment silver

Investment bullion - storage

Storing precious metals is not that easy at all. After all, it is about protecting the bullion against theft, but also against devaluation or loss of value as a result of destruction. Gold and silver are best stored in geopolitically independent locations. However, there are few possibilities. Switzerland, Singapore, Liechtenstein and Panama are absolutely safe places. In addition, it is worth remembering that precious metals are assets that are worth possessing, regardless of the situation. However, they must be liquid at all times. The best solution is to store them with the help of entities that know when and how to liquidate them if necessary.

Investment bullion - sales

When selling gold and silver, the rule is the same as when buying. A larger supplier can generally count on much better conditions than an individual retailer who has little bullion. The scale of the transaction is reflected in the price. The physical transport of metals must also be taken into account. It also requires appropriate safeguards. However, it is worth investing in gold and silver. This is invaluable in times of political and economic crisis, because precious metals are always at a price. In this case, however, the place where they are stored is of great importance. Geopolitically independent sites are an ideal solution.

Shipments with gold

An investor who uses the services of storage and warehousing of gold may require it to be handed over. For various reasons, investors often choose to store bullion at a particular location or for retail sale. In both situations, however, there is a problem. Gold has to be transported, and often over long distances. This is certainly a big logistic challenge, because the preparation of shipments takes a lot of time. In addition, it should not be forgotten that at this stage, investment security is crucial. Precious metals, despite their high value, are both sensitive and delicate goods, especially when it comes to transport and transport over long distances. Here, therefore, the experience and degree of organisation of the business partner is of great importance. Fortunately, you can rely on more and more.