EU grants

European Funds

For many people, EU funds for setting up a business are a very important support. Thanks to this it will be possible to start running a business. If we have an idea for a business, it is certainly worthwhile to apply for funds from the EU. Thanks to them you will be able to start your company. You can apply for funds either in the form of a grant or in the form of a loan. In addition to financial support, it will also be possible to take advantage of training or advice while running a business. For young people, their own company is an opportunity to develop, to start acting effectively and that is why they are looking for support in this area. If we are not yet 30 years old, we can count on receiving such funding. At the beginning, however, one should analyze one's own capabilities and predispositions.

EU grants to companies

This individual action plan is certainly an important element. One of the elements of the grant package for companies will be to receive funding. Sometimes there are also proposals for such support after the age of 30 and it seems that this is also a popular solution. As far as the conditions of co-financing are concerned, they differ depending on the voivodeship.

The basic principles are the same. The key issue is whether we are working. The programmes support those who are professionally inactive and must receive such support. This is the assumption that such people will be stimulated to act. If there is no chance for co-financing, it is possible that it will be worthwhile to apply for a loan that is repayable, but will have a low interest rate.

Support for small businesses

EU funding

Loans are usually available in higher amounts than non-refundable grants. An innovative company is a chance to get a subsidy if you have an innovative idea for a business that will guarantee some improvements and improvements. In this situation it will be necessary to look for additional support, most often these programmes will give us a chance to obtain higher funding. Small companies that are in the period of preincubation and promising well will usually be able to expect a lot of support in order to develop their business.

EU projects

Existing startup platforms for new companies now provide an opportunity for the creation and development of startups, which may also develop well. Currently available programs are constantly changing and new ones are appearing, so it will be crucial to choose the one that is right for us.