Office supplies that improve employee productivity

Efficient work in the office can take place, among other things, because office workers have at their disposal office utensils and supplies. As it turned out, even seemingly insignificant articles have an impact on the efficiency of work. Interestingly, these are not electronic devices. So what are the office supplies and utensils?


In the context of improving work efficiency, highlighters are mentioned very often. They are necessary when we work with a lot of text, when we want to prepare notes. Employees will not get lost in the crowd of information when the most important issues are highlighted in colour. With colour highlighters you can save a lot of time; without them it would be extremely time-consuming to find the information you need in your documents, so it's worth making sure it's within reach. Thanks to them, we will not miss any important information, and the result will be an increase in work efficiency. In the light of the research carried out, it is clear that marking important information in colour - especially in the case of handwritten notes - stimulates the imagination and probably contributes to the improvement of mental abilities.

Permanent marker

Less and less important data is being recorded on CDs - they have been replaced by a flash drive. In many offices, however, this data carrier is still in use. We will certainly not be able to remember about what is on the disc for a long time, so it should be signed as soon as possible. You can use a marker specially designed for signing CDs or a permanent marker. The advantage of these markers is that they do not dirty hands and do not smudge. They allow you to mark all media correctly. This certainly makes it easier to find the right disc that is most needed at the moment.

Office supplies

Boards and markers

The effectiveness of work in the office can also be increased by the boards on which the point to be completed on a given day is written down one by one. You can also put on the boards issues that cannot be forgotten. They can also be used to post proposals or information that need to be improved. The board is complemented by a set of markers in different colors and a sponge. Such a set turns out to be extremely useful during brainstorming, meetings, company meetings.


The standard equipment of each office is a binder. They allow you to segregate documents and store them in one place. Each binder should be marked with an inscription so that finding a contract, invoice or other document takes only a moment. The binders are available in different colour variants and sizes. They are durable and easily fit on an office shelf.


They make it easier to optimally organize working time in the office. They may be in the form of dry wipable boards or diagrams. Simply hang them on the wall to remind you of important meetings and tasks that need to be completed on a given day. The planner can also be used to arrange supervisions or to plan the schedule.