Numismats - coins, in which numismats to invest?

What is a numismatic signature?

The numismatic reference is a certificate of authenticity of the coin.

How to decipher the abbreviation MW?

The abbreviation MW is interpreted as the Mint of Warsaw, as this was the former name of the company, which today is known and recognizable as the Mint of Poland. It is this signature that I confirm that the numismatic coin was produced in the mint, and thus - with respect for high quality standards.

Numismatics - Coins

Unlike numismatic coin has a face value. What is more, its only issuer is a bank of a given country (in Poland - NBP).

Does the Treasury of the Mint of Poland issue a confirmation of authenticity?

This confirmation is attached to most numismats created using precious metals such as silver and gold.

Do other companies issue authenticity certificates?

Not only does not every company, but even not every mint issues a certificate of authenticity for the products it offers.

Coin collector

What is the mirror background?

The mirror background resembles a mirror, it is extremely delicate, and although you can see through it, it is not recommended to touch it with your fingers so as not to scratch it.

What numismatics to invest in?

The first step should be to collect such numismatics whose subject matter seems interesting to us, so we should analyse first of all the source of their origin. Special care should be taken when choosing the numismats purchased at auctions.

Can minors make a purchase in the Treasury of the Mint of Poland?

In the case of minors, it is advisable that the order is made by an adult - parent or guardian of a young collector.

What do coin prices depend on?

The most important factor influencing coin prices is the volume of coins, but some importance is also attached to the value of the bullion itself and the time elapsed since the issue of the coin. It should not be forgotten, however, that in the case of collector coins, their price is strongly influenced by the visual attractiveness of the numismatic coin, as well as the popularity of the series itself on the market. These features are often referred to as the artistic expression of a coin.

Why is circulation so important?

It is the low circulation of a coin or numismatic coin that contributes to the fact that only a limited number of people can take possession of it and that these products have a greater value on the secondary market. If the circulation is too high, all interested parties can immediately buy a numismatic coin, and thus its market price drops.

What is a gold and silver rehearsal?

The test is a ratio of the mass of pure noble material in the alloy to the mass of the alloy itself. This ratio is usually expressed in promillas. The sample informs us about the content of gold or silver in a given alloy.

How to check the authenticity of the numismatic coin?

Unfortunately, although this skill is extremely useful, it is mainly possessed by specialists. Let's remember, therefore, that the guarantee of authenticity gives us first of all the purchase of numismats from reliable sources.


Do numismats lose their value?

Unfortunately, we often have to deal with such a situation as well, and the loss of value occurs for several reasons. What comes to the fore is the fact that the numismatic coin is not to the liking of those who are interested in it, but the problem may also be that the circulation is too high. The problem can also be its damage, so many people reduce its value at the same time when they do not take it out of the cap and scratch it. Unfortunately, even small damages make us talk about losses of up to several dozen percent.

Packaging for numismats

Numismats are best stored in so-called protective capsules, protecting them from light at the same time. The capsules themselves should not be opened in such a way that there is no exchange of air and touched, as fingerprints can pose a serious threat, especially if we have mirror numismats. Mirror numismats cannot be cleaned, and in other cases it is best to ask a specialist for help.