Real estate investments - is it worth deciding on new flats in Szczecin?

When we want to decide to buy a new apartment, we usually choose them for ourselves. Today, however, many buyers carry out transactions for investment purposes. Is new flats in Szczecin a good idea for profit?

Apartments have become an attractive way to earn money. Renting a property even in a smaller city allows you to earn attractive earnings from tenants on a regular basis. According to experts' calculations, profits are better than many bank deposits, and at the same time a much safer method of multiplying resources than capital funds or the stock exchange.

Szczecin - good location for investors?

Most often, when we talk about real estate investments, we think about big cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Gdansk. Therefore, is the new flats in Szczecin an attractive proposition for investors? Szczecin is a special case here - it is a city where real estate prices are rising rapidly due to the high demand for premises. They are bought not only by people looking for their dream "M", but also by those who want to invest their money.

You can earn a lot of money on rental premises in Szczecin, especially if you decide to rent a tourist accommodation - short-term, which gives the highest profits. If, however, we want to have a stable income and a lower risk, long-term rental, for example for students, employees and families, will also be a good option.

How to earn the most money from an apartment in Szczecin?

Real estate in Szczecin is a wide range of offers - both from the primary market, i.e. from developers, as well as from the secondary market. When we want to earn a lot of money on a flat for rent, it is worth remembering that the profits are determined primarily by the location of the property - the city center or districts with good transport are the most popular. A better choice will also be the purchase of a smaller flat - the interest in renting small flats is greater than in the case of large flats. If you need a small property, you can also resell it faster.