Your safe future through the purchase of investment gold

How many hours a year do we work?

Statistically, we work about 42.5 hours a week, which gives us a result of about 2000 hours a year for at least 32 years. Statistical research confirms that for years we have been one of the most busy nations in the world and there is little evidence that this will change. The money we earn during the following working hours should be used to provide us not only with a decent present but also a future. However, how to invest so that in retirement you don't worry about material issues anymore?


When we start to think about the state of our finances, we almost immediately become aware of the problem of the fall in the value of money. Over the last ten years, the so-called cumulative inflation in Poland amounted to about 28 percent, and economists believe that the real zloty has lost even more in value. Inflation influences the way we think about the future. If we decide to put the money in the envelope and withdraw it only in ten years' time, its nominal value will not change. Unfortunately, their purchasing power will change and it is to be expected that it will be much lower than it has been so far.

Investment gold

Of course, nothing stands in the way of generating and securing capital. Therefore, it is worth pointing out those areas of activity which may help us in this process.

The first is undoubtedly work and its form does not matter here, as long as the work brings us money. Another one is investing on the capital market, i.e. everywhere where you can use shares, bonds and deposits. The third area is real estate, as their purchase is a proven way to generate funds. The property can be rented or sold if we need a cash injection. The last area of interest is investing funds in gold. This area seems to be of particular interest.

The gold's ability to pass on the value of money, which makes it resistant to inflation, comes to the fore in this context. If we keep the banknotes at home, a fall in their value seems unavoidable. However, if we decide to keep gold - this value is maintained in the worst case, and in the best case - it increases.

However, it is not without significance that the rally can be described as a product for which its wide availability is characteristic. Not everyone can afford to invest in shares or buy real estate, but buying a bar of gold is not a problem, as prices start from 200 PLN.

Gold is readily available and, at the same time, its value can be transferred over time, so it is hardly surprising that it is so often considered an excellent way to secure funds. Even small deposits make it possible to set aside money that can be used in the future.

How to invest?

Gold and money

When we talk about the advantages of investment gold, we must not forget another issue. After all, it is it that is perceived as the most natural counterbalance to money in the classical expression of the word. This is important in times of crisis, when real estate prices are falling and the companies that are associated with stock market investors are collapsing. It is in these most difficult times that gold gains most in value, and that is why it is a financial instrument worthy of attention.

Regardless of our goal, it is worth remembering that investing in gold is an excellent, cost-effective solution, which is worth taking an interest in.