Which office chair to choose?

The fact that we work more and more at the computer makes it more common for us to get illnesses related to the fact that we are in a sitting position for a long time. An armchair will have the greatest impact on the comfort of working at the computer. With a variety of seats currently available, choosing the one that meets your needs is a challenge.

When choosing a chair to work at a computer you should pay attention to a number of elements and in fact each of them can have an impact on the comfort and safety of work, especially when many hours will be in a sitting position. The role of armchairs while working at the computer will be to maintain a proper posture, which eliminates long-lasting tension in muscle groups. Excessive tension causes pain and thus also reduces the comfort of work.

Seat base

Wheeled armchairs, swivel armchairs with height adjustment and armrests are standard when working with a computer. The chair is equipped with a mobile base, which allows for an efficient and safe change of the position of the chair in relation to a computer workstation. Five arms will be an important issue in the construction of the base. Seats with four base arms tip over more easily and can even be dangerous for the employee.

Height adjustment

The computer chair should have a height-adjustable seat. This will allow you to adjust the height of the seat in relation to the surface of the desk and will also enable you to position your feet correctly on the floor. On average, the height adjustment should be about 40-50 cm from the ground, but the larger the range, the better if it does not affect the stability of the chair. The seating position in the seat should be within a range of 3-5 degrees towards the backrest.

Ergonomic office chair

Anatomical backrest

The backrest of the chair serves to relieve the muscles that hold the posture and also allows to maintain anatomical curvature of the spine. If wrongly selected, it will cause deepening or shallowing of curves. The optimum backrest should be tilted about 10-15 degrees. When choosing a seat, it is important to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the entire backrest and headrest.


The role of armrests will be to stabilize and relieve the strain on the hands. They are very useful for people who write a lot on the keyboard. The best option is the possibility to adjust the height of armrests between 19-25 cm above the seat.


The material of the seat and backrest is important from the user's point of view. You can choose between natural leather, ecological leather, fabric or plastic. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. Leather and plastic materials are the most hygienic because they are easy to clean. Unfortunately, there is no heat dissipation and the body temperature increases. That's why in summer there are better ventilated seats.


If the armchair adjusts to your desk, it is also important to position your feet, so a footrest will be an important part of your workspace equipment. Its presence will eliminate pressure on the posterior surface of the thighs and therefore there is no problem with inhibited blood circulation in the lower extremities. In the long run it will improve the comfort of work.