What should I pay attention to when buying an apartment?

The purchase of a flat, whether from the secondary market or the primary market, is a real subject - the river. Certainly, you need to be well prepared to avoid misinvestment of large amounts of money. It is not only the purchase of a previously used property that carries a risk. The developer market is also not devoid of traps.

All this sounds quite dramatic and does not encourage people to look for their own place. But the good news is that you don't need to be a real estate specialist and spend hundreds of hours exploring its nuances to buy a satisfactory or even perfect apartment. What should I pay attention to when buying a flat from the primary or secondary market?

Apartment from a developer

  • Investments in the area

Days open in a new housing estate or visualizations from catalogues can make you dizzy. Who does not dream of living in peace and quiet, with a balcony from which he can see forests and clear skies? It is not difficult to place oneself in the slippers on this balcony, with a cup of coffee and a laptop or a book. But first, we need to check on the future. It is about the spatial development of the nearest neighbourhood. It is possible that the chick will soon be cut out for a hypermarket, and the promised ring road will not be built, but the traffic jams will increase just under the windows.

  • What will be included in the price?

Developer's state, raw state, turnkey state. The multitude of terms is a bit staggering. This advice doesn't come down to anything but an old, dirty old and... still an important slogan "read the contracts". It may turn out that the price does not even include a window sill.

  • Who's the developer?

Apartment from a developer

It is also worth checking the company to see if it is trustworthy and stable on the market. If it goes bankrupt before it completes construction, we'll never get our advance payment back. What should I pay attention to when buying a flat from a developer? The developer himself.

Aftermarket - what does it matter?

  • Technical condition of the building

Beautiful, well-kept and clean apartment, which begs to be decorated in its own way, loses a lot when it is in a falling tenement house. The condition of the building is very important - the balcony may not be usable a long time ago due to the risk of breakage, and the roof will soon start to leak. It is worth checking what is the purpose of the building - will it be renovated?

  • Legal status of the premises

That's the key point. Nobody wants it to turn out that he buys a huge debt together with the apartment, the apartment is already on the verge of auction or third parties have the right to it, which after the death of the owner would like to fight for the inheritance in court. In that case, we buy not peace, but problems for years. What should I pay attention to when buying an apartment from the secondary market? I am sure it will bring legal and financial problems to our minds.

  • Neighbors

Contrary to appearances, it is also worth asking a question about the reason for changing the place of residence of previous owners. Maybe the place itself is perfect, the location is dreamlike, but with the neighbors it is simply impossible to exist normally.