Systematic saving

It may turn out to be a bit difficult at first, but - believe it or not - systematic saving really brings measurable benefits. The consolidation of this habit in itself in the future will bear fruit in the form of positive ones.

Systematic saving: where?

The times of hiding money in a sock seem to have passed away irretrievably. The most popular places to accumulate savings nowadays are simply banks. Deposits, savings accounts, investment funds... The choice is huge.

Systematic saving in the bank

First of all, it is worth considering a savings account, which combines the features of a deposit and a standard personal account. By placing money in such an account you don't have to worry about losing interest even if you withdraw your savings or partially withdraw them. You can also add additional funds to your account at any time.

If you have an amount oscillating around 5 thousand zlotys, you can successfully deposit part of it on a deposit. It is best to keep 1 thousand zlotys in your savings account - it can be useful in case of sudden, unexpected expenses. Another 4,000 zlotys actually spend on different accounts. For example, one deposit may be chosen for a longer period and the other for a shorter one. A part of the funds will be deposited in a deposit established for a year, while the second one will be deposited in a deposit established for a few months. The higher the interest-bearing deposit (preferably a fixed-rate deposit), the better - then there are serious reasons to freeze funds on it even for a longer period of time.

systematic tracking

Remember that the most effective saving is saving at the beginning of the month. Postponement of surpluses that remain in the account after 30 days usually does not work.

Start saving by setting up a standing order, which is a monthly, cyclical transfer to your savings account. This way you don't have to remember about saving, because it's done automatically.

Systematic saving for the child

Systematic savings for the child, as well as systematic savings for the grandchildren, are mainly related to the creation of a savings bank account and the subsequent payment of money to them every month, preferably immediately after the withdrawal. It is possible to use a standing transfer order for this purpose. When setting up an account for a child, it is best to decide on a bank other than the one we use every day - then we will eliminate the temptation to reach for the money set aside.