Simple gadgets to put your workplace in order

There are people who believe in creative chaos in their workplace, but for the vast majority of us, a proper level of order in the working environment is necessary to achieve any results. Such people are simply not able to do anything if the pen is notoriously buried under a pile of papers, and between important notes there are some barrels or old notes that are completely unrelated to the work.

Usually we need a structured workplace. Getting organized will be easier with a few simple accessories.

Order on the desk

Order on your desk is very important because we spend many hours at work during the day. Usually, the less efficient our work is due to the mess, the more so. Paradoxically, however, a lot of people pay relatively little attention to this issue, especially when compared to the energy they use to clean the kitchen or bathroom. Even though the effort would be spent on this by investing in more efficient work.

Taking care of order on a desk is unfortunately not a very exciting task and what is also a serious obstacle, usually the disorder is chronic, recurring after every cleaning of the desk. The level of disorganisation is increasing, and with it our enthusiasm for restoring order is not increasing. We know that it will be temporary. However, in order to somehow cope with this problem and find a golden mean between getting away from work in order to clean and accepting the decrease in productivity associated with the begging, it is worth using a few simple gadgets, which in an effective and low-cost way will allow us to take care of our environment as such.

How to equip your desk

I. Document trays - The simplest, simplest gutters are able to effectively prevent documents from spreading all over the desk and its immediate and further surroundings;

II. Tidebook - remembering our parents' times, a special container for all kinds of markers, pencils and mainly pens, in which order does not reign, but in which you can quickly hide and quite quickly find the necessary writing device;

III. Cable organizer - a simple device thanks to which cables from various devices scattered around the desk will not disturb us so much;

IV. Drawer partitions - if you like to throw everything out of your desk into the drawer, you will greatly improve your work comfort if there are partitions for specific things in the drawer.

V. The all-in-one container - do we tend to keep flipping a few things on our desk? Let's make a special container for them, where they will gather in a much smaller space (if among them are e.g. glasses and telephone, it's worth lining the container with material);

VI. Business card holder - or business card rack, which today is rather passe, but if we have business cards or cards with short, important information, will be how he found it;

VII. Magazine container - for all newspapers, brochures, catalogues and similar items, you can organise one convenient container adapted to this function.