Recruitment of employees - why is it worth using a job agency?

There are problems with finding the right people to work. Employers increasingly complain about the lack of workers with experience, qualifications and skills. What's more, continuous recruitment is a nuisance for them - not all companies can afford to create separate HR departments to look for hands-on work. For these employers, the solution is to take advantage of the assistance of employment agencies. Why is it worth it?

There is a shortage of workers in many industries

Many employers are affected by the problem of finding workers. Large enterprises are most affected by labour shortages, but the shortage of people to work also affects medium-sized and small companies.

There is a shortage of hands to work in many professions, including

  • skilled manual workers
  • drivers
  • production and machinery operators
  • engineers
  • employees of hotels and restaurants
  • dealers
  • technicians
  • accountants and financiers
  • IT staff
  • clerks

Recruitment for the above-mentioned positions is difficult and time-consuming. It happens that employers devote their time to a tedious recruitment process that does not produce results. The employer bears the costs and the problem remains unresolved. For this reason, companies more and more often decide to cooperate with employment agencies.

Advantages of using external recruitment

Wondering why it is worth using the help of an employment agency to hire employees? Below you will find 3 main benefits of cooperation with the agency:

  • Facilitating with formalities - while cooperating with such agencies, you do not have to worry about formalities, because it is the agency that takes on official duties towards ZUS, US and PIP. As a result, instead of 81 pages of documents per employee per year, you will receive only one invoice.
  • Faster response to market fluctuations - you can agree with the employment agency on specific, temporary demand for workers. This will give you the opportunity to reduce or increase the number of people to work, depending on the needs and dynamics of your company's work.
  • Support for experienced recruiters - it is worth knowing that external agencies employ specialists who conduct many interviews on a daily basis. They have extensive knowledge and experience, as well as often specialize in recruiting employees from a given industry. So you hand over the recruitment process into the hands of professionals.

What does cooperation with a job agency look like in practice?

At the beginning there is a meeting with an external agency to talk about the needs and problems of the employer in the area of employment. Then the agency's employees look for candidates for specific positions - most often the agency already has its own database of employees with appropriate qualifications. The next step is to meet selected candidates and conduct interviews - this is done for you by the agency's employees. Finally, the agency hires the best candidates, freeing you from HR and payroll duties - and you have employees to work.

Thanks to the cooperation with an employment agency, the recruitment of employees is faster and more efficient, as it is handled by professionals.