Paper - an indispensable attribute in the office

Paper is one of the articles without which it is impossible to work in the office. Every day during office work, huge amounts of paper are used for printing, copying and sending important documents, but also for taking handwritten notes. Paper products must therefore be within easy reach at all times.

It is worth remembering that paper products of various qualities are available on the market - it is worth focusing on those distinguished by high quality, whenever they turn out to be durable.

What kind of office paper is available?

Each office uses very different types of paper. Some of them are used exceptionally often, while others are used occasionally. This photocopier is one of the paper types used in offices very often. For copying and black-and-white or colour prints, standard paper weighing 70-80 g/m² is the most common paper used. This paper is rigid enough to ensure that all office equipment can operate smoothly. It can also be used for correspondence. The market also offers photocopying paper with a weight of 200 - 2500 g/m². It is very white. It can be used for a wide variety of printouts. It works well with both inkjet and laser printers, it also works well with photocopiers. It's thick enough not to cause any problems when printing.

Printer paper

In the office, not only white, but also coloured photocopying paper is very useful. There are lots of colours to choose from in the shops, it is offered in different sizes. Colour-coded photocopying paper works well with inkjet and laser printers. In most cases, colour is resistant to ageing - this is certainly one of its advantages. It can be used to obtain very interesting prints, also for business trips. Some types are suitable for double-sided printing.

Other features of colour photocopying paper are high sharpness of prints and a perfectly smooth surface. Paper in rolls is also available on the market - a novelty at least on the Polish paper market. The paper is wood-free and not coated. It distinguishes itself from other papers by the fact that it is extremely white. The advantage is also that chlorine is not used for its production. It is perfect for photocopiers, offer machines, high-speed printers.

Popular paper sizes

One of the most popular and most common paper sizes is 21 cm x 29.7 cm. This is an A4 format. This size includes, among other things, standard photocopying paper. When you fold a sheet of A4 paper, you will get an A5 size of 14.8 cm x 21 cm. On the market there are also papers of A5 format with dimensions of 29.7 cm x 42 cm. In paper shops in Poland, A4-size paper is the most frequently offered. A5-size sheets are usually in the form of a brochure or notebook. They are also used for low-volume book printing.