Order on the desk - organisers from the shop and DIY

When there is chaos on the desk, the same state also translates into work. Unfortunately, all theories of "controlled disorder" do not seem to have much in common with reality. Clutter on a desk almost always results in lower productivity, slower job performance and less focus.

A desk organizer allows you to keep your order and keep it in order with less work. It gives all documents, writing utensils and other small items their own place. In addition, such an organizer can be done on its own, giving vent to the need for creativity and creation. Is it worthwhile to make a DIY desk organizer? Is it better to buy it in a shop?

Manual work, i.e. DIY organizer

Inspiration is certainly not lacking - there are dozens, if not hundreds of ideas for a handmade organizer on the Internet. It is also easy to find ready-made "step-by-step" recipes, thanks to which everyone can cope with the performance of the organizer. What is more, such a task does not have to be difficult or require high skills. Why make your own organizer? It will be fully personalised, exactly the way we care about it. It is also very satisfying to make things yourself, which we can then use successfully. Does the DIY desk organizer have any drawbacks? Certainly not everyone wants to devote their time and work to such activities. What's more, if it's not made of solid wood (and that's a rather difficult task), the DIY organizer won't serve as long as the one in the store. For those who don't love do-it-yourself, a visit to the store seems to be the most recommendable option. All the more so because the choice is really huge.

Desk accessories

Good organisation of space

A good one, i.e. one that is conducive to concentration and work. It is very important to use the light that should fall on the desk from the window - so as to make use of the longest possible daylight, the healthiest for the eyes. Evening work requires a good, solid lamp. And what else should be standing on the desk? Surely a solid organizer for documents, boxes for storing temporarily unnecessary papers, a toolkit for pens and other stationery, as well as a box for adhesives, spare staples, scissors.

Organizer - which one is worth choosing?

Everything depends on the expectations of the person who will use it. In an office where a lot of documents (including archived ones) are stored, you will need space for files and binders. The organizer should only hold what has to be at hand - certainly not an invoice from a few weeks ago. The minimum version is a shelf with current documents and a small stand for pens or pencils. With the wide selection offered by manufacturers, it is also worth focusing on your aesthetic preferences. Colours, shape of the organizer, all this affects the comfort of work. It is worth remembering that an orderly and aesthetically pleasing desk is always a very good testimony to the person who sits next to it - both in the eyes of co-workers and customers visiting the office.