Not only a competition, i.e. tenders for EU funds

EU grants to companies

Very often we can meet the question of whether a company has any chance of obtaining financial support from the European Union if it does not prepare its own application and does not take part in competitions. To the surprise of many people, it turns out that the answer is yes, although here too, preparations and huge amounts of work are necessary. This is necessary primarily because tenders are an alternative to competitions.

European funds

When we talk about EU funds related to the 2014-2020 financial perspective, we must bear in mind that they have quite different purposes. Many of them have been reserved for companies, so one group of companies is dedicated to funding research, while another group supports innovative solutions and even advisory services. Obtaining such funds is possible mainly when we decide to take part in special competitions.

It is also necessary to prepare appropriate documentation. It should not be forgotten, however, that EU support is also targeted at local authorities and related administrative units. They are intended for a number of purposes, often referred to in their context as road construction and repairs, construction of sewerage and water supply networks, renovation and thermal upgrading of buildings for various purposes and digitisation of offices and other facilities.

EU funding

Of course, local authorities are not able to carry out projects on their own, which are in the centre of their interest. The only solution that can be accepted, therefore, is to launch tenders for this purpose, which will allow the selection of contractors for individual initiatives. It is in this context that we can talk about the opportunity that opens up for local companies that can prepare a suitable offer. That is why it is worth analysing information on public procurement.

Union programmes

Naturally, finding data on this subject requires reference to an appropriate source, but finding it should not be complicated. Such a name deserves to be given to the so-called competitiveness base, i.e. a special IT system that makes it possible to implement the competitiveness principle required by EU regulations.

EU projects in the competitiveness base

If we want to find the ads we are interested in and we suppose that they may be in the competitive database, we should consider using both the simple search engine and its advanced version. It is also always possible to move from a simple search to an advanced form in order to take advantage of additional criteria such as the type of order and the place where it will be executed. The deadline for the submission of tenders often proves to be an important criterion.