New EU funds

Under the new perspective, the Union will allocate its resources not only to those funds that already exist, but also to new programmes. These will include, inter alia, Horizon 2020, which will attract attention mainly because it will be responsible for carrying out research work that is genuinely high quality and well-prepared.

Such a programme should also support international cooperation and companies that focus on innovation. The new COSME programme also draws attention to the tasks of facilitating SMEs' access to the market within the EU. Until now, it seemed to be a task that can only be achieved by large companies.

However, the new programme offers an opportunity for successful financing to indeed many companies. It seems that such an interesting solution will also be a programme called the Connecting Europe programme, which will attract attention mainly because it helps to finance projects related to the construction of railways, energy lines and roads.

Young people will like the program, which makes it easier to stay abroad for an internship. The main criterion when making the division is, first of all, GDP per capita. If the level is high enough, the region can only be treated as such during the transitional period. Only if you exceed a given value will it be possible to say that a given region is already a bit more developed. However, as it turns out, the substantive criteria based on specific data will not be the only issue that will be taken into account by the European Union when it comes to the specific assessment of proposals.

As it turns out, it is increasingly important to negotiate on a case-by-case basis, which must be taken into account by each country. All support to be prepared for a given entity will depend on a special partnership agreement with the European Commission. It is on the basis of such a document that the strategy of investing in a given country will be defined. How European funds are distributed depends on this. At the same time, investment priorities for a given country are also set in this way, and we have a chance to define what the strategic objectives are.