Investment silver - price, price, bars

Gold is the best known precious metal. It has dominated the market to such an extent that many people today practically do not associate other bullion, which can also be a great investment. It is therefore worth knowing that the coming decades may belong to silver. Other bullion such as platinum and palladium are also very noteworthy.

Investment silver

On the investment markets there is a clear increase in interest in silver - currently more than 40% of investors decide to buy it. Many people are beginning to focus their attention also on platinum and palade. A huge change can be seen here, because only a few years ago few people were interested in silver as a good investment vehicle. However, confidence in world currencies is declining and more and more people are also looking for good alternatives to gold. In addition, the knowledge about investing grows. As a result, we are more and more often able to appreciate the advantages of silver and get to know its real value, despite the lower prices than gold.

Investment silver - price

Many specialists predict a significant increase in silver prices in the near future. It is supposed to reach the level of 60 dollars per ounce. The main argument here is the fact that silver is widely used in modern industry. Constantly growing demand for them also stimulates price increases.

Cheap investment silver

What is very important is that silver is not as popular as gold. This means that investment silver prices are still relatively low.

Investment silver - price

Those investing in silver have no doubts about its future. The vast majority of them are convinced that its exchange rate will increase significantly in the coming years.

Gold and investment silver

Interestingly, the increase in the value of silver is also stimulated by the fact that gold is back in the favour of investors. Many people are interested in alternative forms of investment, seeking ways to diversify their investment portfolios as much as possible. Attention is therefore paid to other precious metals, and silver or platinum gains from this. Surveys show that the vast majority of people interested in precious metals still intend to invest in gold. Nearly 30% of the respondents said about silver. However, it is worth noting that investments in silver are made at the same time with a much higher frequency. Most people interested in silver buy this bullion about once a month. We buy gold much less often, which is probably due mainly to higher prices.

Investment silver - bars

There are many indications that silver will soon become as popular with investors as gold. However, when it comes to individual purchases of precious metals, at the top of the list there are the least known ones: platinum and palladium.

Admittedly, such metals are relatively rarely bought by investors - about once every six months. At the same time, however, they make transactions with really large values. Many people invest even several thousand zlotys in these metals at once. In the case of silver, the value of transactions is on average ten times lower. It is worth remembering, however, that platinum and palladium bars are much more expensive. One ounce of platinum is an expense of 7-8 thousand zlotys. An ounce of silver costs about 150 PLN.

Investing in precious metals is an excellent proposition. However, it is not worth limiting oneself only to gold, because greater diversification may bring much greater profits. In any case, it is necessary to focus on long-term investments, because no precious metal is likely to bring us profits from day to day.