How to motivate employees - types of motivation

What effectively motivates employees today? Many entrepreneurs are asking themselves this question. If companies do not create employees who want to take care of the objectives set, the company will never achieve optimal results. At the same time, it is important to know that there are many methods of motivating and not every method is universal. What's more, it may not bring the desired results.

Every employee has a different personality, has a different private life, so his or her needs will be different. One is looking for stability and harmony, and for another it is important to develop and to be able to change. In order to motivate an employee to perform better, it is necessary to start by analysing whether he/she feels comfortable in his/her position. If it contradicts his interests and competences, motivation will not necessarily help.

Does it motivate everyone the same?

Within the structure of one company, people with completely different temperaments can be employed, so their motivation should be done in a different way. Already during the interview the recruiters ask the candidates a question: What is their greatest motivation in the job? If the answers are sincere, the employer has information at the outset as to which group of benefits for a given person will be the most attractive.

Employee motivation positive and negative

The motivation used in companies can be positive and negative. Negative motivation is revived because it is ineffective and employees feel bad. It's building tensions, threats, such as the threat of losing one's job, or reducing bonuses. Positive motivation is much more effective. It is divided into financial and non-wage. The first is increases or bonuses. This option is recommended especially for positions with low wages, with higher positions it will be less effective and will expose the employer's budget to heavy workload.

Tailor-made non-financial motivation

More and more companies are choosing to rely on non-financial motivation. It includes all other benefits, such as integration trips, training, Christmas shopping vouchers or cinema tickets. In the case of this type of motivation, the employer must remember that not everything will be equally pleasing to the whole team. A younger person will be interested in something else, while an older person will be interested in something else. Likewise, not everything that will be a reward for a woman will be treated in the same way by a man.

Employers who look to the future with regard to motivation and how employees can be rewarded may choose to do so online. A platform is used for this purpose, on which the boss pays a certain amount for a specific person. Within this amount you can do shopping, buy tickets, or go for lunch at the restaurant, or take advantage of many other pleasures. This solution is so flexible that even if the boss is not sure what will motivate his employees, they will be able to choose the nature of the award themselves.