Gym - what exactly should be in it?

Below we have prepared a small cheat for newcomers, describing what is in the standard gym.


Our first contact with the gym is at the reception, where you can take care of the most important things, such as paying for your ski pass, booking classes, buying water or simply asking for information.


Cloakrooms are usually locked with their own padlocks (if so, you will need to buy one before your first workout), or with keys issued at the reception desk. In addition to changing your clothes, you have access from there to showers, toilets and (usually) saunas. Don't be upset if it turns out that the opposite sex has entered the sauna - they are often co-educational. See what are the rules of entering - most often we go in a towel or naked (then there is already a division by sex). It is good to use the sauna alternately with a cold shower. Some cloakrooms have special relaxation zones where you can relax after training.

Cardio room

It is a place where all kinds of devices are located, such as treadmills, orbits, stationary bikes, spinning bikes or training stairs. Here you will be able to do cardio training - usually the number of machines is huge, because it is a besieged part of the gym. In addition to the fact that virtually every machine has its own training system, this room often hosts classes, when the trainer selects the intensity of exercises.

Free lorry room

As the name suggests, it is a place where we can find barbells, weights, benches, which is all that will help us build muscle mass. Some people think that training on free weights is the most effective. You will find here various weights, both for beginners as well as for advanced ones.

The women's zone

Today, almost every gym has a special place for women, far from men's eyesight. Women are usually more critical of their bodies and often do not want to post their imperfections. The ideal solution is a place where they exercise in the company of their sex. We can find there both machines dedicated to the development of legs, thighs or abdomen, as well as free weights, so that each woman individually adjusts the training to herself.

Machine zone

Machine zones are usually divided into successive zones for specific muscle parts: legs, hands, back or abdomen. It's a good place for people who start training and haven't convinced themselves to free weights yet. Here they can easily reduce and increase the load without the risk of injury.

Fitness rooms

If a gym offers fitness classes such as zumba, pilates, trampolines, TBC or ABT, you need rooms with good sound system and air conditioning. Contrary to appearances, such classes are attended not only by women but also men. In such rooms there are usually a lot of different instruments used during exercises.

The gym has this in common that on a small area many people fight for a better silhouette. In this group there are different people - some prefer to lift weights, others burn fat on the stepper. It is important, however, that they do not sit in front of the sofa, but take care of their health. Now you know what you can do for your fitness club, so don't wait and join them!