EU grants to companies

Small companies that have up to ten employees together with the owner often have problems with raising funds to make investments to grow the company. If the turnover will not be high, you will need to make an investment. It is worth deciding on the support that can be obtained from the grants that will be provided by the EU. It turns out that various competitions can now be organised in which small businesses are being promoted and this support will indeed become available.

EU projects

Projects that are prepared for small businesses are most often of a regional nature. The point is to take into account how specific this local market is in these programmes. We must remember that in each voivodship there is currently a division of projects from which it will be possible to apply for grants. The key issue, however, is to be able to find the one that is most suitable for you in all these projects. Each company must strive to meet the various requirements that will be directly related to the projects.

European Funds

As part of various activities, we have schemes which will be responsible for what projects are treated preferentially. When preparing an application, one should refer to this scheme, which may concern our company and will decide that the company will be assessed as the one to which the subsidy is due. Currently, we are offered schemes that are very diverse and very well suited to companies that operate in these poorest municipalities.

Grants to enterprises

It turns out that such places are currently the most promoted ones, where the chance for funds will be greater. The possibilities of obtaining and the amount of support will be greater. It is different in those cities where this development is at a completely different level.

EU funding

Applicants who intend to apply for EU funds should take into account the fact that specific conditions are being prepared by the Marshal's Office and will adjust to them accordingly. However, this is a very positive direction, because the competitions for co-financing are implemented in such a way that they will usually work best. They are organised more effectively and it will be easy to obtain funding for them.