EU subsidies for the purchase of machinery, equipment and software

EU subsidies to companies for the purchase of machinery, equipment and software

Small and medium-sized companies will certainly appreciate the support that will make it possible to develop and produce. Grants from EU funds can be obtained for this type of purchase. However, before an entrepreneur submits an application for subsidies, he or she should consider what effects he or she wants to achieve when it comes to investments and how it will influence the position on the market. EU funding is for companies that want to buy machines, equipment, software and thus introduce new products or services to the market, better than those offered so far or those offered by their competitors.

The best chance for grants is for a company which, thanks to its proposals, builds competitiveness in the voivodeship. Companies must strive for their products or services to stand out from the competition not only in the region, but also in the whole country. The newer the technology the better the idea for the product and thus also the greater the interest of customers and the greater the chance for a subsidy. In order to fight effectively for EU subsidies, it is necessary to plan everything thoroughly and to know what we really want to achieve with them. It is necessary to define everything in detail and consider how it will affect the company's position on a regional or national scale.

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For what purposes may a grant be awarded?

We have certain types of expenditure that can be cofinanced through grants, and these elements must be taken into account when we apply for such financial support. Purchase of machinery and equipment for production or provision of services If we are able to demonstrate that new equipment is important to us because it will increase our capabilities, powers, skills it will be possible to apply for funding, because the application will be based on our idea, after which you will be able to expect efficiency and interest of customers.

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Renovation and construction works - always in connection with the purchased equipment If we have some unused room, it will be possible to plan it somehow and try to introduce their new equipment there and count on the fact that these elements will also be possible to apply for co-financing. This is a solution that will really work very well and should be taken into account.

Purchase of software

If we do not have well-developed technical capabilities in the company, when it comes to issues related to computer software, it will certainly be worth deciding on an application, which will enable us to apply for such a significant subsidy just for the purchase of software.

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What can't be bought with subsidies?

Grants may not be used for purchases that are unjustified and unrelated to the project, means of transport other than specialised vehicles, VAT, used machinery if the owner has previously purchased them from EU funds. The amount of co-financing will be varied and may reach up to 85% of all costs. In this respect, the level of funding will depend on various factors. What matters is the size of the company. Small companies and lower middle-sized companies have higher subsidies. It is also important in which voivodeship we will operate.

EU projects

Where to obtain funding from?

Grants for machinery or equipment can be obtained within the framework of national programmes, which are implemented in EU projects for various voivodships. On the government website about European funds we will find all the information about current calls and it is worth to get interested in it. You have to be well prepared to submit an application by analyzing the market and taking into account all the issues that may influence the final assessment of what we will present in our application for EU funding.