EU grant applications - several stages of preparation. Part I

A lot of people have been trying recently to obtain subsidies from the European Union and it is no wonder that this is one of the best ways to get money to develop one's own business. However, in order to receive them, you need to write an appropriate application in advance and prepare related documentation, so let's try to obtain information which will help us to prepare the best application beforehand.

Definition of the purpose of our project, i.e. preparation of information for which we want to receive funding. At this stage, we need to put our ideas and ways of implementing the project on paper (or ask a specialised company to write EU proposals for us), in such a way as to convince the body that qualifies the projects, to its own right and possibilities. Apparently obvious, however, in practice there are quite a lot of problems with this. Funds for financing the project, i.e. ensuring finance for the implementation of the project. Here we have to prepare the information what amount of money we can prepare ourselves, because the initial preparations take up a lot of expenses, so at the beginning we have to have the appropriate cash. The amount of the grant may vary, so we have to prepare ourselves well with the possibilities of self-financing a part of the project.

Evaluation of the possibility of obtaining grants, i.e. a rational approach to the subject of obtaining EU support. Let's consider or seek support from advisors and find out if our project has a chance to receive a real grant. Some projects are so prepared that even the best ideas will not receive support, so it is good to check all the criteria and laws that govern the project under which we want to submit our application. In this way, we can be sure that a formally well-prepared application will not be rejected at the outset.

Our business project can be prepared by ourselves or with the help of other people. This is especially important when writing large projects, where a lot depends on our employees. Let's see in advance how much we can expect from the people employed by us and what support we will have from them in the implementation, which will certainly help in the evaluation of practical activities within the project. - We need to plan the project well and prepare for it in good time. It is not a good habit to postpone everything for the last moment and counting on luck. The proven way is to divide the project implementation into several stages and its systematic implementation, which will allow to achieve the desired results.