Effective content increases sales on the Internet - start your business!

Professional content has an impact on sales? Yeah, yes! Effective materials on your website allow you to gain new customers. That is why it is worth focusing on content marketing, i.e. content marketing. Thanks to the publication of valuable texts, infographics or other materials, you will be interested in new customers, you will reach a wider audience and above all you will become visible on the web!

What is content marketing? Check out FunkyMedia's opinions on this subject!

The main task of content marketing is to keep the recipient on the website longer, to interest him/her with new content. Therefore, our goal should be to attract new users or customers.

Placing interesting content on the website can make our website reach a greater number of recipients. What materials can we publish as part of content marketing?

  • Company website articles or sponsored content on blogs
  • Press releases
  • Video content
  • Infographics and classic graphics
  • Guides
  • All kinds of reports and numerical statements
  • Reviews and descriptions
  • Interviews
  • Webinars

The right copywriting can sell out!

Well-written content can do a lot - it can also sell a product or service. Copywriting helps us to gain customer attention, and a catchy name or slogan can make the customer familiar with our offer. The second important issue is to make the recipient want what we promote. The task of content marketing is also to close the transaction, i.e. to lead to the purchase of goods or services. In order for the text to start selling it is necessary:

  • focus on the goal - write precisely, convey valuable content
  • refer to persuasion, sales rules or consumer psychology
  • refer to both the heart and the mind - it is good to make sure that the content influences us convincingly, acts on the senses and subconsciousness.
  • build an authentic and positive image of your company, take care of the opinions about us in the network
  • avoid duplication of content - you should not duplicate what you have already found on our site: you don't like it, neither the customer nor Google - the articles that we publish should always be unique.
  • take care of the beginning of the text, because it is the introduction to the article that attracts attention and makes someone eager to read it further.
  • enrich it with additional content, e.g. photographs, surveys, comics or short videos

Content marketing also counts.

It is not without reason to say that "content is a king" - but the context must not be forgotten either! In the case of content marketing, we should pay attention not only to the quality of the texts we publish, but also to where we place our articles, whether we adapt the content to specific services or media. It is worth knowing that completely different materials should be on Facebook and different on Twitter or blog. On each channel we will find different users, so it is worth to stand out by communication, to attract the attention of virtually everyone!

Another important issue is to know who we want to communicate with. In order to use content marketing properly, we first need to know our target group, i.e. to whom we want to target our services or to whom we want to sell our product. It is worth gathering as much information as possible, i.e. knowing who visits our website, what a click on, what he or she is interested in. Thanks to this we can reach with our offer to specific customers who will actually buy our product.

For every website, it is worth taking care of content marketing. It should be remembered, however, that in order for these actions to have full effect, we must also focus on optimisation measures. When both of these activities go hand in hand, we can be sure that our side will be successful!