Check how much you will pay for motorways in Europe Part II.

Tolls for the use of motorways in France

Outside the Alsace region, there is a toll throughout France on expressways and motorways. Tolls are paid at the gates before entering a given section. There is a special website, where you can find a useful calculator informing you how much it will cost you to travel. On we will find out how much Eurotunnel toll is charged for Eurotunnel under the English Channel between France and the United Kingdom.

Tolls for the use of motorways in Germany

The use of motorways in Germany is free of charge. This applies to motorcycles, passenger cars and commercial vehicles whose total weight does not exceed 7.5 tonnes. Payment must be made only for the Herrentunnel and Warnowtunnel tunnels, i.e. €1.7 and €4.1 respectively.

Tolls for the use of motorways in Portugal

In Portugal, the use of both expressways and motorways is chargeable. A big convenience is that there are many ways to pay for the journey. The first option is electronic payment in vending machines located in designated places of the toll road section. Just drive up and without getting out of the vehicle enter the registration number and pay with a card. From this moment our car has the right to drive on a toll road.

The second way is to use a prepaid card. It is recharged over the Internet and used at the toll gateway.

Toll motorways

The third way is to use a special device "Via Verde Visitors' Device", which is mounted on the windscreen from the inside of the car. The device automatically regulates the charges for the sections we drive. In order to be able to use it, it must be recharged in advance via the Internet.

Tolls for motorway tolls in Hungary

When using expressways and motorways in Hungary, we have to pay tolls. Traditional vignettes have already been abandoned and everything is done electronically. When making a purchase, you must enter the vehicle registration number in the register so that the police can easily check if you have a vignette. It is also worth keeping the receipt just in case.

Tolls for the use of motorways in Slovakia

In Slovakia, wines glued to the windscreen were abandoned as early as 2016. Since then, electronic vignettes have been in force. You can buy them over the Internet or even using a dedicated mobile application. In order to register your car, you need to provide your data and vehicle number, and after receiving the verification code, we can already travel around the country without any worries. Lack of a purchased vignette may cost a lot. It can be as much as ten times the fee we should pay. It depends on the type of vehicle and the time we are going to spend in that country.

Tolls for the use of motorways in Italy

There is no vignette system in Italy. Toll motorways are paid at the gates and the prices vary depending on the section you want to drive and the type of vehicle. We will pay 18.4 Euro for a 254 km Rome-Florence section and 56.90 Euro for a 661 km route from the Austrian border to the town of Liguria.