Check how much you will pay for motorways in Europe part I.

Although travelling by car undoubtedly has many advantages, it also has its drawbacks, such as the cost of fuel and motorways on the designated route. An unquestionable advantage is the fact that we do not have to worry about delays of trains, buses or planes, we can take with us any large luggage (within the capacity of a car) or at any time modify the route to see nearby tourist attractions.

However, before we set off comfortably by car, it is worth checking what fees await us on the way, both in Poland and abroad.

Tolls for the use of motorways in Belgium

In Belgium, the use of motorways for passenger cars is free of charge. The only toll payment includes a tunnel linking Liefkenhock and Antwerp at a price of €6 in cash or €4.95 when paying by card. However, lorries over 3.5 tonnes are not exempt from the motorway toll.

Tolls for motorway tolls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is only one toll motorway in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The price varies depending on which class your vehicle is in:

Class I - motorcycles, passenger cars and small vans up to 3.5 tonnes,
Class II - passenger cars with a trailer, buses, small delivery vans, campers with an unladen weight of up to 3.5 tonnes,
Class III - light commercial vehicles with a trailer, coaches, single-member lorries with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes,
Class IV - road tractor with semi-trailer, lorries with trailer and coaches with trailer.

Tolls for motorway tolls in Croatia

In Croatia there are toll motorways waiting for us, regulated by tolls at the gates. The price list depends on the section of the road and the group of vehicles, e.g. Group I includes passenger vehicles, buses (up to a height of 1.90 cm) and vans up to 3.5 tonnes.

The current pricelist and the exact specification of the categories can be found on the website. It is not always possible to pay by card at the gates, so it is better to buy Croatian martens in advance.

Highway crossing

Tolls for the use of motorways in Montenegro

Montenegro has abolished both the road use charge and the previously applicable environmental charge. Until now, it has been collected from vehicles entering the country at the border.

The only costs we can incur are the Sozina Tunnel toll. They are calculated according to the number of axles and the height of the car. For two-axle cars up to 1.9 metres high, the fee is 2.5 euros. 5 euros will be paid to drivers of three-axle vehicles or more than 1.3 metres and three-axle vehicles or more up to 1.9 metres and 3.5 tonnes of unladen weight.

Tolls for the use of motorways in Romania

For journeys in Romania there is an e-vignette. It can be easily purchased at the border or at petrol stations passed on the way. In this way, the information necessary, e.g. during police checks, is added to the general database of vehicles and drivers.

Tolls for the use of motorways in the Netherlands

The country of tulips offers almost all roads free of charge. Only two tunnels: Kiltunnel and Westerscheldetunnel require a fee.
The first tunnel is located in the city of Dordrecht. The price depends on the length of the vehicle: if it is less than 2.3 metres, you have to pay 2 euros; if it is more than 2.3 metres, you have to pay 5 euros.

In the case of the Westerscheldetunnel, which connects Ellewoutsdijk with Terneuzen, the price list is based on the type of car. A passenger car is valued at 5 euros, a passenger car with a trailer at 7.5 euros, and a motorcycle at 2.5 euros.