Best desk organizers - part II

Today we present the second part of the list of the most interesting desk organizers, suggesting what to choose so that the work is always pleasant and tidy. Here are four proposals available on the market.

Volume 06 - the magic of light wood

Elegant, classic, made of linden wood Volume accessories will work on almost any desk. Collected as a whole, they create the image of the city, with towers, tall buildings and lower buildings. Here you can successfully fit not only pens, pencils, but also cards and everything that should be at hand at work - even the phone. The Volume organizer can also include current correspondence and business cards to make your work even smoother. It is a perfect and very classic in appearance model, ideal for an engineer's and architect's desk - although, of course, anyone can be kidnapped by its interesting form.

Elllipse from Abi Alice - the mathematical world

A grid for those fascinated by geometry and mathematics. It was these interests that contributed to the Ellipse model. Products designed by Abi Alice bring to mind complicated and at the same time wonderfully simple solids. The guiding shape is an ellipse made of 18/10 stainless steel. The Alessi brand showed off here with a great technical background, bending the sheet into incredible shapes. This organizer is a great gift for anyone who loves the precise, mathematical world. It will look great on modern and minimalist desks, immediately attracting attention.

Elegant organizers

Haze - elegance in the office

This elegant tray is an organizer with a wide range of possibilities. The high rims keep objects stable inside, and the form of the organizer allows quick access to clips, pens and other necessary details. It is also a great decorative element thanks to its industrial style. The Haze Tray keeps your desk tidy and prevents the loss of small items. On the bottom of the tray you can successfully put a cup of hot drink. The Haze material is a resistant and spectacular reinforced glass enclosed in powder-coated metal frames.

Die Kante - the perfect document box?

The Semikolon brand, on the other hand, offers a box for documents, which allows you to put order and order in office papers once and for all. It is a flat box made of cardboard, equipped with an upper lid and a handle. Target format - A4. The folders, cards and catalogues enclosed in it will not get lost in the office. You can buy the remaining parts of the box, and thus complete a useful organizer for paper clips, pens, cards. The product is available in a very wide range of colours, so that everyone will find something for themselves and their interior. The collection can be continuously expanded to create very harmonious and large sets to help keep things in order. Another advantage is the fact that Semikolon products really look great, especially when properly exposed. Play with form and colour by putting on a Die Kante tray and other matching accessories.